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This is going to be an odd post, I think. I’ve become… disquieted. Not upset, not concerned, just a bit at odds with something, and I’m not even sure how to clearly express it. It’s about paying attention to details. Now, I’m¬†extremely detail-focused. Clinically so. Possibly pathologically. But I feel…

MS TechEd 2012 Day 2 Recap

Hello again from MS TechEd 2012.¬† Yesterday (Day 2) was another exciting and exhausting day.¬† The sessions were top notch as usual and yesterday was a bit more System Center focused for me.¬† My current responsibilities at my job “encouraged” me to venture into the System Center talks.¬† I have to say that having used […]

MSTECHED 2012 Day 1!

Hellllooooo from TechEd 2012!¬† It was a very exciting and eventful day 1 at MS TechEd.¬† I was able to attend …. wait for it…. count them…. 3 full sessions by the venerable DON JONES!¬† The Obi Wan Kenobi of Powershell.¬† To top that, 2 of the sessions included Jeffrey Snover.¬† The Yoda of Powershell!¬† […]

Goodbye Raymond James….. Hello Serve Enterprises :)

NOVEMBER WHAT!!!¬† WOW it has been a WHILE since¬† I posted to my poor neglected blog.¬† Scriptwarrior has been SUUUUUUUPPPPPER BUSY with all sorts of craziness. Here’s a quick rundown on what’s been going on in my world in the last 6 months.¬† I moved to the 3rd shift on weekends at Raymond James in […]

Tampa Windows Azure Boot Camp – WOOT

Jonathon Wurm from SumoSoftware and I attended the Azure Windows Boot Camp at USF in Tampa today. ¬†I have to say, as usual, these community type events are incredible¬†opportunities¬†to get some free training from people that really know their stuff. ¬†I have presented at IT Camp Saturday, which is a similar type of event with […]