Powershell and HP ILO

Today on the job I was tasked with attempting to rewrite some old VBS scripts that pull information from our HP Server Ilo’s.  I did some thinking about how I wanted to approach this and then headed to the interwebs.  A short GOOGLE search later and I found exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you Mike @ Practical Kung Fu Dot Net for the great post!



6 thoughts on “Powershell and HP ILO

  1. Interesting addition to the above information.

    If you send the same query but specify a HP Blade server it will also return the Rack and Enclosure location of the blade server.

    If you specify a Chassis you will get information for every blade running in the enclosure.

  2. Glad this helped someone. I’m still working on a way to get this to be really useful. (trying to build a dynamic list of ILO interfaces in sharepoint 2007 using powershell). I know it’s totally doable, I just haven’t had time to finish it yet.

    Shay, thanks for the info on the HP cmdlets. I wasn’t aware of them. that should make things easier. 🙂

    • Mike,

      That sounds like something we could utilize daily at my current employer. Let me know if you need any assistance. We could even throw together a codeplex project if you are not against sharing code.


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