Facebook Friend Mining via Powershell

My poor blog has been screaming for an update, and I believe I have finally come to a clearing in the woods.  I have been lost for weeks in the forest of NT 4 and VMWare and just Friday saw a familiar rigdeline and headed for it full steam ahead.  Sure enough I was able to “dirty upgrade” NT 4 Server to Server 2003 and what do you know….. it worked!

So now back to the topic in the subject.  Jon Newman from MSFT has posted an update to the Powershell Facebook cmdlets found here (http://facebookpsmodule.codeplex.com/).  The previous version was broken due to some changes that FB made to their OpenAuth implementation.  The new version fixes the issue and the cmdlets are fully functional again.  I will put up a post in the next day or so about exporting and datamining your FB Friends list in excel.  This is a fun little activity I did over the weekend.  It’s cool so see the distribution of all your FB friends Birthdays etc. 

Until next time….. Scriptwarrior ….OUT!


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Father, Geek - Automation Evangelist with Windows Powershell

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