TEC2011 – Powershell Deep Dive Europe – Post Mortem

There are so many things I could say about this trip. This has been a truly amazing experience.
I got the idea to make a return trip to Germany, about 2 months ago, off of a tweet by one of the Guru’s of Powershell. He tweeted that he just submitted his abstract for a Powershell Deep Dive. I checked to see where the deep dive was being held and suprisingly enough, it was in Germany. My mind started racing, what if I could make the trip. What would it be worth for me to get in a room with the deep dive
folks and geek out? Let me try to quantify this type of event for those not in the know.

I tried to explain the experience to someone the other day and here’s what I came up with.
Think of your favorite TV show of all time. One that you truly have a vested interest in. I mean it’s not your only “thing” but you are more than just a casual fan. Now imagine being able to walk on the set and participate in an episode of that show. Not only do you get to meet the actors and actresses that you
have been watching for years, but you actually get to act with them and participate in the creation of your favorite product. That is the essense of a deep dive. So you are not a TV person huh? How about walking into a practice for your favorite sports team and having on the uniform and being invited to join in with the greats of the game. Does that get your juices flowing? I mean how can you put a price on getting face to face with the Who’s Who of the game and being able to interact with them on a professional and person level.

The experience without a doubt was one I will never forget. Not to mention the time I was able to wrap around the conference. I was able to see friends I had not seen since 2004 and did tons
of very touristy things with them. We took a weekend and toured Berlin as well as a full day of Bremenhaven. Both places were awe inspiring for diffrent reasons. I have to say this trip was WELL WORTH the money I had to foot go on the vacation / conference. If you EVER have the opportunity to attend a Powershell Deep Dive, Do whatever it takes to get there. You will not be sorry you did.

–Script Warrior Out.

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Father, Geek - Automation Evangelist with Windows Powershell

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