Tampa Windows Azure Boot Camp – WOOT

Jonathon Wurm from SumoSoftware and I attended the Azure Windows Boot Camp at USF in Tampa today.  I have to say, as usual, these community type events are incredible opportunities to get some free training from people that really know their stuff.  I have presented at IT Camp Saturday, which is a similar type of event with the caveat being that it was a bit more broad on topics.  So here is a previous speakers take on how this great Boot Camp was run.

The “Boot Camp” architecture of this event is great.  It’s very much like a lower level (100 to 200 level) deep dive and it’s wait for it……… FREE!  It consists of a single track of sessions that are varied on subject matter but all tied by the common theme.  Just so happens that today was Windows Azure.

The USF campus is a great location and they really stepped forward to make this a very pleasurable day.  The wifi access was adequate and simple to get connected, and the room was plenty big with great A/V setup.  The sound is typically the one wildcard in these types of events.  Often the presentations take place in a normal classroom and the speakers tend to have to speak very loudly to get through their presentation, believe me I speak from experience.  Here with over 60 attendees in the audience the A/V Microphone-Speaker setup seemed to make the Content Experts very comfortable as they deployed their presentations.  All in all a truly great venue.

It was also awesome to see my good friend and Microsoft  MVP Jason Milgram of Linxter in the house.  He was actually one of the major architects of this event.  Great Job Jason!

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