Well as i said over 2 years ago…

It absolutely has been interesting 🙂  As i said in my previous post, i joined the amazing team at Nebbia Technology in Orlando.  I can honestly say that when i wrote that last blog post i had no idea how amazing the team really is.  I work with some of the most talented thought leaders in the industry on a daily basis.  It is truly a joy to go to work everyday.  I am working as an Azure and Azure DevOps consultant out of my home office mostly or on-site with our valued clients.

I have the opportunity to enable change in organizations from the inside out and it’s an amazing feeling.   I shared this on social media as well but i got this feed back this week from my Director of Business Development … had a call with **client** today and they said they are really seeing all the work we did with them last year come to fruition. Client said that one of the quickest wins with the biggest ROI was the build automation project Jeff Truman did with their 2 mobile apps. Client said it has completely shifted the mentality of that team and they now build things end to end instead of just building it and not working about deployment.  It’s so gratifying to enable our clients to truly transform the way they work and even the way they think about work.

I know i said it in the last post too, but this time i really promise that i will continue blogging more actively in the future.  I am also going to link here some of the blogging i have been doing at work.

Till next time (Which will be soon)  — Scriptwarrior out

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