Still have some time since it’s 4 am…

Since i still have some time before i have to wake up my wife and family why not do a BOGO on post today 🙂

Where did the name Scriptwarrior come from?

I have many family members and close friends that have served or are active duty in the military.  Fresh out of high school i had a passion for the military and looked into joining.  I quickly realized that since i had Epilepsy until i was a  young adult, i was medically unfit to serve.  I wanted to serve but couldn’t so instead i did what i could to support those around me that can and do serve.

When i joined Twitter, i had to come up with the digital brand that i was going to hang my shingle on while doing work on the interwebs. I am of course a PowerShell evangelist and wanted to tie it in with some type of military / warrior mentality. In a moment of inspiration as i was sitting there writing down twitter handles and repeatedly saying…. nope that’s stupid and mashing the backspace key. @ScriptWarrior just fit and i was surprised when it was available.

I have given over the years to the Wounded Warrior Project and Til Valhalla Project to support our troops. Find a non-profit that benefits vets and JUST GIVE.  These men, women and their families of the military are the reason that you can get up everyday and have the freedom to either CRUSH IT or just sit on your can and binge watch @garyvee videos.

#Freedom #CrushingIT #Entrepeneur

Remember those that give some and the some that gave ALL!

–Scriptwarrior out.

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Father, Geek - Automation Evangelist with Windows Powershell

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