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This post is going to be a bit more personal than most that i have blogged before.  I feel lately that my career has absolutely hit critical mass.  I was telling my story the other day to a student at a college that asked how i got into tech and it helped me to really look at what got me to this point.

Fresh out of college with a Bachelor of Comp Sci degree i bounced around Minneapolis MN trying to find a career.  I came very close to taking a ColdFusion job but they ended up going with the other candidate.  This caused me to contact family i had in FL and secured a potential job as long as I decided to move to FL.  I moved to FL in 2001 and worked on a Systems Migration Ennoblement team with a staffing company headquarters.  I worked at the headquarters around 3 years and did everything from Systems Migration, to Project Management, to Perl Scripting / AS400.  At that time i met one of the best professional mentors that likely doesn’t even know the impact they had on my career.

I worked with @Kyro at this staffing company and he showed me the value of the HUSTLE.  He showed me how to multiply my time and make impact in my position no matter what i was doing. He also approached me to work for a friend of his as their sole IT guy for a small family based business.  I worked for this family business for around 4 years, while still working very closely with @Kryo.  He was off building multiple businesses but would still check in from time to time.  Unfortunately around 2008 when the economy tanked, the family business took a large hit and simply couldn’t afford my services any longer.  I then bounced around Naples, Fort Myers area for a few years trying to find out what is next for my career.

During this time, I found PowerShell and really started to become the System Engineer that i would become in the next season of my career.  I started attending community events around this time and met Microsoft MVP’s and Rockstars in the industry that give back as much as @kyro did for me.  I really dug into the community and then started to wonder where my next career step would come from.  I reached out to PowerShell and SQL MVP at that time @cmille19 that i am still very good friends with.  I boldly reached out and asked if there were any openings in Tampa FL area that he might be aware of.  He took the time to reply and let me know that a position had just opened in Raymond James Financial where he still works to this day.  I went on to work at RJ for around 2 years and was able to really move the needle while i was there.

Life happened fast over the next few years and before you know it I am running the Microsoft Azure Cloud infrastructure for a Global Brand.  I had the amazing opportunity to run the cloud for that org for over a year before the business had to make some changes and i was affected.  I then reached out to my network and again the Microsoft MVP community stepped up again.

I was out of work for 4 days before @EstebanFGarcia reached out to me and said that I should come work for him.  I didn’t hesitate to say yes.  To work daily with people of the caliber that i have been able to in my career has been an absolute blessing. I look forward to hopefully one day being able to affect the younger generation and pay forward the amazing opportunities that have been afforded me by Kyle, Chad and Esteban.

To Kyle Roche – @kyro – Kyle thank you so much for showing me the Hustle.  Your commitment to family, business and crushing it every day has truly helped me be successful.

To Chad Miller – @cmille19 – Chad thank you so much for the being the main inspiration that got me into the Microsoft Community. I also am amazed that i can call the creator of SQL PSX a good friend of mine.  For those that don’t know… quite a bit of the code that Chad and the collaborators created during the SQL PSX modules are now shipped with the SQL product as SQLPS.

To Esteban Garcia – @EstebanFGarcia – Esteban thank you so much for reaching out to me and giving me the opportunity to join you at Nebbia Technology.  The passion that you exude everyday is a true inspiration. The love that you show for your family, employees and community is truy awe inspiring. Let’s continue to CRUSH IT at Nebbia Tech.

–ScriptWarrior OUT!

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