Pain filled moment of carity

Hello Scriptwarrior here again…

So Easter Weekend i was playing dodge ball with my kids and a bunch of middle schoolers at my church, as a leader, and i bent over to pick up one of the foam balls that we play with and it felt like someone pelted me on the side of my right knee with a baseball.  Then my vision faded and came back for a moment and i hear an audible thwack!  I thought this was the ball or object that just impacted the outside of my right knee hitting the gym floor, when in fact it was the sound of my righ ACL giving up the ghost.  My knee immediately got hot and #OldGuyNeedsToSitDown UGH!

Now a week out after seeing my Orthopedic surgeon, i am settling into my new normal of dealing with some pretty severe pain while i wait for his schedule to free up. I just had a pain filled half delirious epiphany that this is exactly what #DevOps is trying to solve.

I know you are like … um what?  Just stay with me here.  My knee has like 0 pain!  I have a completely severed ligament in my knee and it’s actually not all that painful.  Is it wicked swollen and very stiff … yes! Are the surrounding muscles screaming for having to compensate for something that should just work?  YES absolutely.  The pain i am dealing with at the moment has very little to do with my knee directly.  I am struggling with severe calf and hamstring pain to the point that 800 mg of Advil is *CUTE* and not even touching it.  I don’t want to start the heavy stuff that i have from when i had ACL surgery on the other knee 2 years ago cuz it makes me sick.  I digress about the pain cuz it’s just that… pain.

So as i was “walking” out to the kitchen from the office, i realized that this is a very good example of why DevOps is so important.  When the glue that should make everything very easy doesn’t work properly it gets very painful for the other parts.  My calf and hamstring are screaming and angry cuz my knee is not doing it’s job so my whole body is compensating.  Soooo many clients that engage with Nebbia have awesome software and awesome technology but getting their software from their teams to the technology is not awesome.  That process is not doing it’s job so the entire system feels the pain.  It can takes months or even years at times to get the whole system numbed to the point where the process of software team to technology is a seamless process where it just happens.

When you walk down the hallway at home today, do you think about how your knee is making your leg move? I sure as heck am thinking about that right now cuz it’s broken.  One of the famous things said on the IT Ops side of the house is it’s kind of like a marriage.  When it’s going good you don’t hear a word from your spouse but when it’s not working….watch out! The same applies to the Organization as a whole.  When one side of the DevOps equation is broken for one reason or another the whole organism suffers.

DevOps is the knee that just makes walking down the path of your companies vision easier.  The hamstring has to write the code and the calf is the Ops side that pushes the foot to move forward.  When the DevOps journey is not working correctly or just doesn’t exist how do you move forward?  PAINFULLY!

If you are are feeling this pain, reach out to me or my company @NebbiaTech and let’s make the pain go away!

–ScriptWarrior Out!

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