What a year it has been…

So here we are on December 28 as the year of 2019 slips away.  What a crazy year it has been.

The last update was about my serious knee injury.  Fast forward from April to June and in those 2 months, I dealt with daily severe pain while having a completely severed ACL and still traveling almost every week for work.  We also purchased a new house and you know what that means… Did I hire a crew to move my furniture… nah.  Strap on a brace and gut it out like I always do. Then came the day I had anxiously been waiting for… SURGERY DAY!  By the unending grace of God, a full ACL replacement was not necessary and my amazing doctor was able to repair the ligament.  The detail here is that it means a 6-month recovery instead of a full year.  God absolutely knows what he’s doing… that new house that we had moved into very quickly ramped up to having 11 people and 3 dogs living in it.  His perfect plan had given us a house where we could help our adult daughters during some transitions they were going through as well.

While all this was happening there was another normal that was quickly changing.  I had become one of the senior consultants at my former company and prided myself on the work that I was doing.  I did however miss a few things about being part of a more corporate environment, I just hadn’t realized that yet. As a traveling consultant, I interacted with many of my clients in 2-week engagements.  This meant that I would come in and drop a pipe bomb of training and enable as much change as possible and then say peace out and head to the next client.  We did our best to follow up but there was always another client waiting for their turn.  Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions, in my opinion.  I love teaching and helping teams to reach the next level but that I now realize is exactly what I was missing.  I was helping teams to get started on their journey, to their next iteration of what their team would become, but I would never be around to see the change.  Best case, I would go back months later and change would have taken place but I would have no idea how they got there and I would have only a few hours to assess where they are and then try to push forward again.

This all lead me to start looking for a change, that and 3 yrs of constant travel was not making Mrs. Scriptwarrior very happy anymore 🙂 It didn’t take long to find an incredible opportunity.  I joined a company as an Azure DevOps Architect and I have enjoyed the last 5 months of leading a team of people through a fundamental shift in the way work is done.  I can finally see the fruits of my work every single day and it has brought back the rewarding feeling that I didn’t know I was missing.

I know I keep saying this specifically on this blog… but in 2020 I look forward to having more time to blog more.  I have been working on some amazing tech that I can’t wait to share about.  Be on the lookout for an upcoming technical post about some fun I have been having with Azure SQL Managed Instance Failover Groups.

For now… Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours.

–Scriptwarrior out

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