Only 4 months later??

Can you believe it?  Based on my blogging history you would have thought that the next update would not have come for MONTHS….maybe even years! Well, guess what… here we are! And now for the update….. Get-AzBlogUpdate… Prod Successful It’s been a wild few months of amazing transitions and craziness.  We have gone live inContinue reading “Only 4 months later??”

Still have some time since it’s 4 am…

Since i still have some time before i have to wake up my wife and family why not do a BOGO on post today 🙂 Where did the name Scriptwarrior come from? I have many family members and close friends that have served or are active duty in the military.  Fresh out of high schoolContinue reading “Still have some time since it’s 4 am…”

Well as i said over 2 years ago…

It absolutely has been interesting 🙂  As i said in my previous post, i joined the amazing team at Nebbia Technology in Orlando.  I can honestly say that when i wrote that last blog post i had no idea how amazing the team really is.  I work with some of the most talented thought leadersContinue reading “Well as i said over 2 years ago…”

Yes my blog still exists and so do i…. :o)

Hello All, I just realized it’s been nearly 2 years since i last posted here. I have made some moves and PowerShell is still very central to all that i do on a daily basis. Lately i have really been digging into Desired State Configuration and I am prepping my talk for this month’s TampaContinue reading “Yes my blog still exists and so do i…. :o)”

Welcome to my session…. please turn up your phone!

I have been meaning to get back to my much ignored blog so here goes 🙂 I took the reigns of the Tampa Bay Powershell User Group about 5 months ago now.  I have very much enjoyed firing the group back up and getting some traction back under this community in the Tampa area. SoContinue reading “Welcome to my session…. please turn up your phone!”