MS TechEd 2012 Day 2 Recap

Hello again from MS TechEd 2012.¬† Yesterday (Day 2) was another exciting and exhausting day.¬† The sessions were top notch as usual and yesterday was a bit more System Center focused for me.¬† My current responsibilities at my job “encouraged” me to venture into the System Center talks.¬† I have to say that having usedContinue reading “MS TechEd 2012 Day 2 Recap”

Goodbye Raymond James….. Hello Serve Enterprises :)

NOVEMBER WHAT!!!¬† WOW it has been a WHILE since¬† I posted to my poor neglected blog.¬† Scriptwarrior has been SUUUUUUUPPPPPER BUSY with all sorts of craziness. Here’s a quick rundown on what’s been going on in my world in the last 6 months.¬† I moved to the 3rd shift on weekends at Raymond James inContinue reading “Goodbye Raymond James….. Hello Serve Enterprises :)”

Tampa Windows Azure Boot Camp – WOOT

Jonathon Wurm from SumoSoftware and I attended the Azure Windows Boot Camp at USF in Tampa today. ¬†I have to say, as usual, these community type events are incredible¬†opportunities¬†to get some free training from people that really know their stuff. ¬†I have presented at IT Camp Saturday, which is a similar type of event withContinue reading “Tampa Windows Azure Boot Camp – WOOT”

TEC2011 – Powershell Deep Dive Europe – Post Mortem

There are so many things I could say about this trip. This has been a truly amazing experience. I got the idea to make a return trip to Germany, about 2 months ago, off of a tweet by one of the Guru’s of Powershell. He tweeted that he just submitted his abstract for a PowershellContinue reading “TEC2011 – Powershell Deep Dive Europe – Post Mortem”

Friend Mining Contd…..

Yes I am still alive and well.¬† It has been a significantly crazy past few months.¬† Work has really ramped up due to staffing cuts and people jumping ship.¬† We¬†finally have a few additions to the team, which¬†has been¬†a very welcome addition.¬† Thanks for your patience and let’s get back to that code that IContinue reading “Friend Mining Contd…..”

Facebook Friend Mining via Powershell

My poor blog has been screaming for an update, and I believe I have finally come to a clearing in the woods.¬† I have been lost for weeks in the forest of NT 4 and VMWare and just Friday saw a familiar rigdeline and headed for it full steam ahead.¬† Sure enough I was ableContinue reading “Facebook Friend Mining via Powershell”

Will Script for Food, Soda or FUN!

Recently I posted a sign outside my cube and it reads: WILL SCRIPT FOR:¬†FOOD, SODA or FUN (payment in advance is not required but certainly appreciated.) Well today I had my first customer.¬† My¬†team member¬†needed to check if the users installing software at our branch locations were installing some software incorrectly.¬† He was concerned thatContinue reading “Will Script for Food, Soda or FUN!”