Would you like fries with your script ?

I was asked today by our Virtualization team to write a script to support a project that they are about to take on.   The VMWare infrastructure team was looking to upgrade all vmware servers from hardware version 4 to hardware version 7.  The question they had was would it be possible to query the DeviceContinue reading “Would you like fries with your script ?”

Updating Facebook from Powershell!!

I was perusing my Twitter feed the other day and I noticed something interesting, a link to a codeplex project for Powershell Facebook cmdlets.  I headed over to the codeplex page and grabbed them. http://facebookpsmodule.codeplex.com/ Ater downloading the module and installing it I took a quick look under the hood.  John_msft did all the heaving liftingContinue reading “Updating Facebook from Powershell!!”

Really…. I am a blogger?

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Scriptwarrior blog. Hopefully you will find the information that I post here helpful.  I have a passion for process automation with any technology at my disposal.  This mean though this will be a very Windows Powershell centric blog, there will be a good mix of other languages and topicsContinue reading “Really…. I am a blogger?”