TEC2011 – Powershell Deep Dive Europe – Post Mortem

There are so many things I could say about this trip. This has been a truly amazing experience. I got the idea to make a return trip to Germany, about 2 months ago, off of a tweet by one of the Guru’s of Powershell. He tweeted that he just submitted his abstract for a PowershellContinue reading “TEC2011 – Powershell Deep Dive Europe – Post Mortem”

Facebook Friend Mining via Powershell

My poor blog has been screaming for an update, and I believe I have finally come to a clearing in the woods.  I have been lost for weeks in the forest of NT 4 and VMWare and just Friday saw a familiar rigdeline and headed for it full steam ahead.  Sure enough I was ableContinue reading “Facebook Friend Mining via Powershell”

Will Script for Food, Soda or FUN!

Recently I posted a sign outside my cube and it reads: WILL SCRIPT FOR: FOOD, SODA or FUN (payment in advance is not required but certainly appreciated.) Well today I had my first customer.  My team member needed to check if the users installing software at our branch locations were installing some software incorrectly.  He was concerned thatContinue reading “Will Script for Food, Soda or FUN!”

Would you like fries with your script ?

I was asked today by our Virtualization team to write a script to support a project that they are about to take on.   The VMWare infrastructure team was looking to upgrade all vmware servers from hardware version 4 to hardware version 7.  The question they had was would it be possible to query the DeviceContinue reading “Would you like fries with your script ?”

Updating Facebook from Powershell!!

I was perusing my Twitter feed the other day and I noticed something interesting, a link to a codeplex project for Powershell Facebook cmdlets.  I headed over to the codeplex page and grabbed them. http://facebookpsmodule.codeplex.com/ Ater downloading the module and installing it I took a quick look under the hood.  John_msft did all the heaving liftingContinue reading “Updating Facebook from Powershell!!”

Really…. I am a blogger?

Hello Everyone and welcome to the Scriptwarrior blog. Hopefully you will find the information that I post here helpful.  I have a passion for process automation with any technology at my disposal.  This mean though this will be a very Windows Powershell centric blog, there will be a good mix of other languages and topicsContinue reading “Really…. I am a blogger?”